1. What to Consider When Purchasing an MRI Machine

    Many people equate purchasing an MRI machine to purchasing a car. While the vendor is interested in selling you equipment, you have some ideas about what you want and your budget, as well as you want to get the best deal. It is likely that just like in the car scenario, you have the equipment to tra…Read More

  2. X-Ray Machine Service and Repair

    X-ray machines revolutionized the medical world by allowing doctors to see inside the human body to make an accurate diagnosis and plan treatment. Today, x-ray machines are relatively commonplace and found in clinics, hospitals, dental offices, veterinary clinics, and airports. X-ray machines are in…Read More

  3. Common MRI Machine Repairs and How to Avoid Them

    If you have worked with an MRI scanner for any amount of time, you know how frustrating it can be when the MRI machine begins to experience downtime. Your patients are glaring at you and you’re trying to diagnose and correct the problem only to reschedule your patients and call in a repair technic…Read More

  4. How Mobile Digital Radiography Services Can Boost Productivity

    Whether you run a mobile imaging services company or you operate within a facility, mobile imaging services can dramatically boost productivity. Increasing productivity of the radiology technicians you employ is not only important to overall relative value units, but also to patient satisfaction, bo…Read More

  5. X-ray Machine Maintenance

    If you pride yourself on offering the highest quality care to patients through superior customer service and state-of-the-art technology, you know how inconvenient it can be when your imaging equipment is not in operating condition. Just as you preach the importance of prevention and proactive care …Read More

  6. Some Of The Stranger Things Found In X-Ray Scans

    As movies, TV, pop culture at large and even stories on the internet would lead us to believe, x-ray scans can wield some rather...unexpected results, shall we say. Though some of these findings just sound too outlandish to be true, here’s the thing: these findings are as real as they get! While i…Read More

  7. Diagnosing These Common Myths About MRIs

    Contrary to what many people seem to believe, MRIs aren’t a scary experience that’s out to hurt you. It’s true that many patients enter an MRI experience a little bit scared, usually under the mindset that medical imaging is dangerous or that they’re going to receive an unhealthy dose of rad…Read More

  8. Medical Imaging Equipment Trends

    When you look at the big picture, technology advancements have a tendency to stun. Cell phones, smartphones, tablets, computers — what had once been nonexistent has since become commonplace. Each of these technological developments didn’t simply manifest itself out of thin air, but rather evolve…Read More

  9. 3D Mammography FAQs

    Once upon a time, a bout of the flu could almost certainly kill you. If you were injured, there’s a good chance that amputation would be the only option — and, of course, there would be no anesthesia to help the pain. We didn’t have words like “chemotherapy” and “heart transplant,” and…Read More