Contrary to what many people seem to believe, MRIs aren’t a scary experience that’s out to hurt you. It’s true that many patients enter an MRI experience a little bit scared, usually under the mindset that medical imaging is dangerous or that they’re going to receive an unhealthy dose of radiation. We’ll admit: lying still for a prolonged period of time in an MRI chamber probably isn’t on the top of “favorite things to do” list, but unfortunately, the reality of certain medical situations will warrant something like an MRI scan. Still, all things considered, MRIs don’t have to be — and shouldn’t be — feared.

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If anything, this breakthrough in medical science should be celebrated! That’s why we do our part at Bravo Imaging by providing South Florida with a reliable MRI supplier in the area. Focusing on Davie and other nearby areas, we offer expert imaging equipment service and medical imaging repair as well as medical imaging installation. Additionally, Bravo Imaging also buys and sells new or lightly used imaging equipment to help your medical care practice get what you need to better serve your patients.

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Below, read as we bust a few common myths about MRIs.

Myth: MRIs Use Radiation

Contrary to popular belief, a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan uses magnetic fields and radio frequency signals to produce an image — unlike that of a CAT scan. CAT scans do use radiation, but they are different than an MRI machine. The two do look relatively similar in terms of their relative size and shape, so that’s probably where some of the confusion comes from.

Myth: MRI Scans Are Only Useful For Your Brain

False! Medical imaging can go way beyond just looking into your head, and MRI technology is no exception. MRIs can be done on many parts of the body including areas like the chest, abdomen, bones and joints, spine, and even your blood vessels! MRIs are very useful, designed to catch and help medical professionals diagnose a number of issues such as tumors, bleeding, arthritis, blood vessel-related diseases, breast cancer, damage in the optic nerve, and so much more.

While X-rays certainly hold their value in medicine — especially within dentistry — MRIs provide much deeper, richer detail and therefore provide doctors with more useful information. Truly, MRIs are a marvel of modern medical technology when you really consider how detailed the images are!

Myth: MRIs Can Affect Your Fertility

For MRIs to have any sort of adverse effect on your fertility, they would have to use radiation…which they don’t. Even if MRIs did utilize radiation technology like CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) scans do, they still wouldn’t harm your fertility in any way, shape, or form. For human fertility to be compromised or negatively affected by radiation, there has to be a large dose of radiation at play — far more than any medical practice would ever intentionally administer.

Myth: You Can’t Get An MRI Scan If You’ve Had A Previous Joint Replacement

This myth is grayer than it is black and white, but generally speaking, you’re going to be just fine getting an MRI scan if you have a small piece of metal in your body. It is true that MRIs do use a very powerful magnet (hence magnetic resonance imaging), and could cause serious injury to the patient being scanned if outside metallic objects are introduced to the environment.

The hospital, medical care provider or clinic that you’re working with will know the ins and outs of their medical imaging equipment (just like us!) and will discuss any potential concerns as they relate to metal interfering or causing a significant hazard during the scan. As always, all metal objects outside of your body should be removed under any circumstances whatsoever.

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