Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, sometimes referred to as 3D Mammography, is a very unique imaging exam in that it increases the sensitivity and specificity of mammography and Increases Cancer Detection. What this means is that it increases cancer detection but also decreases false positives.

Increases Cancer Detection = 15 – 40%
Decreases False Positives = 15 – 67%


Marketing Advantage

Mammograms don’t work unless patients will get in them. To insure maximum patient comfort, Fuji offers a flexible contour paddle that is designed to reduce patient anxiety and insure their mammogram procedure is a positive experience.

It’s time to get smarter about 3D mammography.

ASPIRE Cristalle with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) is built with insight into image quality, operational excellence, and a better patient experience so it can deliver:

  • Superior diagnostic accuracy for radiologists
  • Simplified use and fast image acquisition for improved workflow and a better patient experience
  • Noticeably less pain and anxiety for the patient, made possible by Fujifilm’s patented Comfort Paddle
  • IT solutions to optimize integration and image management

Built smarter for optimal departmental workflow.

There are two sides to workflow—the human side and the technology side. Your radiology team works hard to be efficient while providing exceptional patient care.

ASPIRE Cristalle was built with insight into the time and effort needed to perform a mammography exam. Our advanced technology simplifies and speeds workflow so technologists can spend more time focused on patient interactions.

  • Smart shortcuts and fewer clicks—set exposure and confirm acquired images on a single screen
  • Simultaneously adjust density and contrast for both left and right views
  • Minimize patient discomfort with automated compression and release
  • Immediately output individual images to PACS, viewer, or printer during exam
  • Improve system availability and extend system life with programmable automatic startup, sleep, and shutdown

Built smarter for optimal departmental workflow There are two sides to workflow—the human side and the technology side. Your radiology team works hard to be efficient while providing exceptional patient care.

INSIGHT #2 Departments are only as efficient as the technology they use.

You may be ready for tomosynthesis, but your IT infrastructure might not be.

Built smarter for improved system integration and image management The attributes that make DBT so valuable to your clinical practice can make it tough on your IT.

The enormous datasets of DBT cause significant study management challenges. As you consider your strategy to bring the best mammography technology to your patient community, it is imperative that you consider your IT strategy in order to deliver optimal diagnostic outcomes.

Our Synapse® Enterprise Imaging portfolio, including Synapse 5 PACS and Synapse VNA, enables secure, easy-to-manage storage and access to the complete patient imaging record throughout the healthcare enterprise, regardless of the technology-generating source, format type, or siloed storage system. Your care team can confidently collaborate and provide patient-focused care throughout the patient management continuum.

Additionally, our Synapse 5 PACS server-side rendering technology is ideally suited to handle the massive datasets generated by DBT exams—enabling unprecedented image-rendering speed, a reduced burden on IT infrastructure and increased speed to diagnosis.