When you ensure that you stay up on preventive and routine maintenance on your imaging equipment, you can significantly reduce the amount of downtime your machine experiences. Expected downtime can be planned and patients not scheduled during that time, so no one is inconvenienced. Unexpected downtime can be avoided when small issues are identified and repaired before they become major issues. Unexpected downtime can cause patients to have to be rescheduled, which is an inconvenience and can lead to negative patient satisfaction survey results and choosing a different imaging center the next time they need services.

Accurate Diagnosis

The reason that you invested in state-of-the-art equipment, to begin with, was to offer the most accurate imaging results that lead to an accurate diagnosis. When imaging machines are not cleaned and serviced regularly, it can cause them to create unclear or altered images. When images are grainy or blurry, small tumors may be missed. Conversely, if your MRI machine is leaving spots or altering the lighting, it may lead to diagnosing something that is not there. Not only will this anger both the patient and the doctor who makes a misdiagnosis based on images produced by your machine, but it can cause catastrophic medical errors that may result in loss of limb or life. Ensuring that your imaging machines remain operating in peak condition will ensure an accurate diagnosis can be made from the images they produce.

Instills Confidence in Equipment and Those Who Operate It

Routine imaging services can help your machine maintain its like-new speed as well as make the experience much smoother for your patients. The hum and vibration of a new MRI machine are significantly less than older models. Keep your imaging machine in like-new operating condition to instill a sense of comfort in your patients. The quieter, quicker service will leave your patients to feel impressed by their visit and will promote a sense of confidence in your machine, clinic, and operating staff, which will encourage them to return or recommend you to their friends and family who need imaging services.

Sound Fiscal Responsibility

It is no secret that one of the most expensive medical bills that a patient will receive is for their imaging services. When people pay a lot of money for something, they expect it to be the best quality. When you invest in a preventative service agreement or conduct routine maintenance on your imaging machines, it shows. Patients will feel more secure in their decision to use your imaging services when they feel like their money is being well spent. Afterall, you cannot claim that there is a “price to doing business” if you are not handling business!

The imaging equipment that you use at your clinic will determine what routine cleaning and maintenance services should be performed. When you use a medical imaging service company like Bravo Imaging, we can make sure that your routine services are scheduled out and we will handle everything, so that you can confidently serve your patients.