As movies, TV, pop culture at large and even stories on the internet would lead us to believe, x-ray scans can wield some rather…unexpected results, shall we say. Though some of these findings just sound too outlandish to be true, here’s the thing: these findings are as real as they get! While it’s beyond us as to how random items and inedible objects get lodged deep within the recesses of the human body, it’s only our job to maintain and sell the technology that makes these x-ray scans possible.

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Providing Davie, Miami and other communities in South Florida with the very best x-ray systems on the market, Bravo Imaging works hard to deliver countless businesses with brand new or lightly used medical imaging equipment. We understand that the right use of this technology is what helps doctors truly understand what’s going on with their patients, and that, to us, nothing is more important than furthering the understanding of modern medical science.

So, while our x-ray supplier isn’t responsible for some of these interesting items that somehow showed up on a scan, it is interesting to read about them! Check it out below, and feel free to reach out to Bravo Imaging today for all of your x-ray and medical imaging equipment needs.

A Cell Phone Inside The Colon

This one sounds pretty strange, and it is, except when you think about how far prisoners are willing to go in order to smuggle various items. Seen in an x-ray from a prison in San Salvador, there’s no doubt that just about anything can or will be snuck into a secure facility….no matter how uncomfortable the process may be.

Live Ammunition In The Human Body

When someone is shot, the bullet usually goes into their body as an ejected, fired-off round. However, one fortunate individual decided to use an unfired bullet to remedy their situation. They didn’t shoot themselves, but they did use the bullet to push back their small intestines because they thought that they were losing them. We apologize if this one is rather unpleasant, but hey, you are reading about strange items found in x-ray scans.

A Toothbrush

When dentists tell you to really get back there and brush your molars, they’re not suggesting to go back that far. Well, there is a documented case of a woman who apparently swallowed a toothbrush — not an electronic toothbrush, thankfully — in which it then stayed lodged in her throat for some time. All we can really say is “yikes.”

Oh, and this was actually such a notable freak occurrence that Rob Myers, M.D., actually wrote a book titled The Woman Who Swallowed a Toothbrush and Other Weird Medical Case Studies. We must say, that would make for a pretty offbeat musical.

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