1. Diagnosing These Common Myths About MRIs

    Contrary to what many people seem to believe, MRIs aren’t a scary experience that’s out to hurt you. It’s true that many patients enter an MRI experience a little bit scared, usually under the mindset that medical imaging is dangerous or that they’re going to receive an unhealthy dose of rad…Read More

  2. Medical Imaging Equipment Trends

    When you look at the big picture, technology advancements have a tendency to stun. Cell phones, smartphones, tablets, computers — what had once been nonexistent has since become commonplace. Each of these technological developments didn’t simply manifest itself out of thin air, but rather evolve…Read More

  3. Diagnosing and Treating Concussions

    Concussions have always been a serious form of brain injury, but have been making the news more and more as of late. As MRI equipment, CT scans, and radiologic technology as a whole develops, we begin to understand more and more about this form of physical trauma. The repercussions of playing variou…Read More